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Euchaeta 8th Album

Carnival Meme

Released on August 14th, 2018

at Comic Market 92


1200 JPY

1. eien
2. Kokoro (YouTube)
3. Carnival Meme
4. The Bleeding Reel
5. L'empire des signes
6. Be Proud of
7. Hope Sweet Hope
8. Ephemerality
9. The Longest Night (YouTube)
10. eien
11. Kyok

All Songs Composed by Euchaeta


Lyrics & Vocals on Tr.6, 9, 10 by Euchaeta 
Voice Samples on Tr.2, 11 by RAST SOUNDS 
Voice Samples on Tr.4 by Samplephonics 


Artworks by Euchaeta 
Some of the art materials are taken from openclipart.org

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